Madelief Licht, 26 year old singer-songwriter from Rotterdam, will later this year release her debut album, 'Bits & Pieces'. With a high dose of sarcasm and self-mockery, Madelief writes about her personal experiences. This is why 'Bits & Pieces' turned out be a very personal and open-hearted album. Popsongs with something extra for the attentive listener.

Growing up in a house full of art and music, Madelief started keyboard lessons quite early on in life. She mostly enjoyed improvising along the pre-programmed songs that would come out of the speakers of her little keyboard and lets just say, rehearsing wasn't really up there on the priority list. This led to her parents almost having a mental breakdown every time there was a recital night.
In her early teens Madelief listened to Jewel, incubus and Alanis Morisette but when she heard the first notes from the song 'You know you're right' by Nirvana, she instantly knew; She had to have a guitar. Because of the rehearsing 'incident', this took quite some persuasion.

After her first broken heart, she writes her first song. A good way to reflect,filter her emotions and stop her mind from going into overload. She thinks that creative people often have a hard time expressing their emotions in a conventional way, so they do it through art or music. For her writing is a healing process.

During her years at the 'popacademy', she played in a variation of bands; pop, rock, funk, country and finally she built a band around her to preform her own songs. After playing venues like; Motel Mozaique, De Doelen, a very special performance at the former city hall of Rotterdam and a successful preview at Oude Haven Zomerfestival, she's now working hard for her upcoming release and tour in the beginning of next year.